As the start of Term 4 draws closer, the End of Year Show is constantly on our minds. Us teacher's can’t help but think back to when we were training and to remember how excited we would get when it was time to hit the stage. Now it’s our students’ turn!

We can’t wait to get back in the studio to help our dancers prepare. Get your dancer excited by reminding them of all that they have to look forward to.

1. Costumes

It’s a fact: Every dancer loves trying on their costume for the first time. From putting on a full face of makeup to slicking back their hair with a gallon of gel to slipping into a fluffy tutu, there is something magical about the transformation that comes with getting into costume.

2. Backstage Time

Those of you who haven’t had the chance to be backstage during a show might not realise how much fun it is to get ready! Warming up, watching your friends dance from the wings, feeling the audience’s energy from backstage -- it’s all part of the rush that makes performing so much fun.

3. Butterflies

It might sound crazy, but dancers learn to love the pre-performance nerves. When the lights go to black out and the audience falls silent, every dancer feels a little thrill go up their spine as they enter the stage to begin the performance. It’s a feeling that dancers’ chase for their entire careers!

4. The Dance

No matter how many times we practice in the studio, there is nothing like that one time performing a piece on stage. Being on stage with the other dancers, knowing that you are all relying on each other to bring the piece to life, is energising! You’ll be reeling long after the show is over.

5. Applause

You knew we were going to say it, didn’t you? Dancers love applause! Stepping on stage, bowing, and hearing friends, family, and complete strangers applaud your hard work is a gratifying moment for every dancer. It reminds us what all those hours spent in the studio allow us to do -- share our art with others.


Want to come and watch our end of year show? Tickets go on sale to the public Wednesday 9am >> click here to buy yours!


Team BoPPA x