Every little girl generally attends dance lessons at some stage in their life. For those who choose to continue into a dance career what options are their for them at the end? They could perform, teach or choreograph however, here are 5 Dance Career options that you may not have considered...


This role could involve you working for a dance company, theatre or studio - maintaining web pages, designing promotional material for print or social media. Through this job you can support dance by creating the images that draw people into the theatre or into a studio to begin their love of dance.


It is really hard to come across a photographer who understands dancers. Imagine standing behind the lens of a camera bringing with you a thorough knowledge of dance. You already have an awareness of movement, giving you an edge to predict great photo moments. Dancers and choreographers, especially, often have a great eye for creating imagery – after all, dance is essentially creating images with our bodies.


As a dancer, you know your body well and you probably understand anatomy. Injuries in dance are unfortunately common, and you may have even experienced some yourself. Physiotherapy, can be an excellent field for a dancer to enter. Your understanding of what dancers need and go through on a regular basis with their bodies will help make you a compassionate physio who can guide dancers through a healing process.


It is so hard to find people to sew dance costumes these days! As a dancer, you have been surrounded by costumes your entire life. You also know what feels good to dance in. With this advantage, you can create costumes, dance wear, or clothing that is designed to be moved in or move well with the body! Learning to sew and create your own costumes could lead to work in the costume department of a dance company or you could sell your own items online!


If you have an interest in writing, you can turn both your passion for dance and writing into a career, writing for magazines, blogs or even creating your own blog! From advice articles to performance reviews, you can be an integral part of the dance community by using language to support the field of dance. Check out Miss Dani's recent published review of Contrast by Footnote New Zealand Dance >> click here

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