I think we all find it tricky to pick up choreography at times? You might be fine in class and then you attend an audition or masterclass, throw in some nerves and you can't work out why your brain won't retain the steps!

Here are some tips from Miss Dani for picking up choreography and then make sure you click on the link from Sydney Dance Company and check out their teachers' tips...

Miss Dani's Top Tips: 

1. Position yourself in the front line to learn choreography. I always did this in auditions, it gave me a better view and it also meant I wasn't following everyone else.

2. Focus on yourself and not how quickly the other dancers in the class are picking up the choreography.

3. When other groups are performing the choreography, mark it through at the side.

4. My big tip for remembering choreography is to run through it before you go to bed that night. It's amazing how this quick run through can help you remember the choreography for the following week.

5. Make sure you take class with lots of different teachers in your studio, attend workshops and/or open classes at other studios. Every teacher has a different style and way of teaching so it's good for you to learn from lots of different people.

Hopefully those Top Tips where helpful, make sure you check out the link below and don't forget to comment your top tips below!