Alongside the weekly tasks involved in running BoPPA and teaching dance classes, I also make sure I block out some Miss Dani PD (professional development) time. During that time I like to read business books, attend webinars/online trainings or find some interesting blogs to read.

Now, I'm sure if you're in some way connected to the dance industry you have seen the image of the male dancer in pirouette position, covered in lines and annotations in your Facebook newsfeeds? This image belongs to David King, the author and illustrator of the award-winning A Ballet Education blog.

King's illustrations are one of the many reasons I enjoy visiting this blog so much. Those of you who know me well, know that I am secretly a bit of a Science geek (if I wasn't a studio owner/teacher I would definitely be a Geologist!), which is why I love the way that King's illustrations analyse movement. Not only do they provide dancers with valuable information in a visually appealing way, they also remind us that dance is hard and that a lot of hard work goes into achieving the beautiful final product that so many people see on stage.

There are many other valuable reads on King's blog including discussions about his own dance class experiences, what should be in your dance bag and reviews. An article I really enjoyed reading was analysing the current trend of instant gratification and how younger dancers want to achieve harder technical skills, without earning them (putting in the hard work first).

This is just a brief overview that has hopefully convinced you to head on over and check this blog out for yourself: 

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