Once a month we are going to feature a dance product that we think can be a valuable addition to your dance training.

Here at BoPPA, we we were one of the first New Zealand dance studios to sign up to a great digital dance product called Movitae. If you haven't heard about it yet, you definitely need to keep reading!

Movitae is a New Zealand company that has created an online communication and learning hub for teachers, students and their parents. It allows dancers to take their dance class home and for parents to be shared in on the learning process. Think of it as being a bit like a personal dance assistant for dance students. Dance teachers are able to share information, be it videos, music, documents or updates with their dancers through an online portal that is safe, making it suitable for all ages.

At BoPPA, even our tiniest dancers are on Movitae! For our little ones, we share things like colouring-ins to help them practice their ballet basics, right up to our teens where we can share relevant video content or exercises to help them understand specific movement better. I think another fantastic feature of Movitae is that as teachers, we also have access to a wide range of Dance Pilates videos that we can share with our students to assist their training.

From a student's point of view, Movitae has a number of benefits. Students are able to create a personal dance portfolio which some of our students use to compare their goals for the term, with before and after photos or videos and to track their dance journey. Our students also love the slow down/speed up feature when practicing their exercises at home, this is particularly useful for those trickier exam combinations! Another benefit they love is that they can film themselves at home practicing a skill or exercise and then share it back with their teachers for feedback.

Movitae is also excellent for communication with parents. We have set our portal up with classes and on signing up, students add themselves to their classes. This means when sharing information, we can share it with only those classes it is relevant too, avoiding information overload. Bonus, if our parents have the app on their phones they get a push notification to say we have shared something with them.

This is a just a very brief introduction to some of the many benefits of Movitae, if this has sparked any interest at all I seriously suggest jumping over to their website and investigating further or even better, give them a call and see how Movitae can help your students or your dancing.

Happy Dancing and see you tomorrow with our Industry Influencer post!

Miss Dani xo

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