As a child I always wanted to learn to Tap! My Nana was actually a tap dancer, and once I learnt that tap dancing wasn't dancing on the taps in the bath tub (yup, I actually thought that's what my Nana did) I really wanted to give it a go. Finally, about 20 years later I am learning to tap and loving it. So, today I wanted to share with you 10 Reasons why you should learn to tap too...


1. It's Good Exercise and a Great Leg Workout

Tap dance is proven to be an excellent form of aerobic activity. Once you learn the basics, you’ll start to see an increase in your cardiovascular fitness. Plus, with it's focus on leg work us more mature dancers can tap dance to tone our legs and bottom!


2. It Increases Flexibility

As well as building strength in the legs and feet, Tap dance is proven to also increase your range of motion in the hips, knees and ankles. 


3. It's a Great Way to Express Creativity

Tap dance can be a great outlet for the younger dancer to express creativity. Once they have their head around the basic tap steps they can start to play with creating their own rhythmical patterns and arm work to accompany the foot work.


4. It Gets Your Brain Working

Tap dance takes concentration and is a great way to increase your cognitive abilities. As a beginner it requires focusing on getting your feet to move in ways you are not used to and as you progress to a more advanced level you are improving your muscle and mental memory getting your feet moving faster and faster. An added benefit is that using your brain in this way can help prevent disease such as dementia and Alzheimer's.


5. It Helps Kids Develop Balance and Co-ordination

Tap dancing requires changing your weight placement to execute different steps and create different sounds. This helps kids and adults to improve their balance and co-ordination. As a more advanced tap dancer, you need to have good core-control to execute these weight shifts with increased speed!


6. It's Great for Making Lots of Noise

Let's be honest, what child (or adult) doesn't like letting loose and making lots of noise. Tapping releases endorphins and we all know that endorphins make you happy so, Tap dance is great for improving emotional health and confidence. This makes Tap a great outlet for at risk children and our senior citizens.


7. It's Great for Bringing our Your Natural Rhythm

You may think you have two left feet, but actually we all have rhythm, some of us need a little help finding it. When you learn tap dance you are both a musician and a dancer, so you start to find your inner rhythm and improve your sense for finding the beat in music.


8. It’s Got Street Cred.

There are two types of Tap Dancing, Classical and Street Tap. Here are BoPPA we teach American Tap which is closer to the Street style of Tap. Street Tap is more focused on creating rhythmical footwork patterns with relaxed arms. Did you know that Tap dance was born in the streets and without tap dance we wouldn’t have hip-hop?


9. It's Great for Any Age and Gender

Tap dance can be adapted for any age and is very popular with young children and senior citizens. Many young boys avoid dance class because it’s too ‘girly’. However, we find boys love Street Tap because they enjoy creating rhythms (and noise) and the more relaxed street style.


10. It's Lots of Fun

Putting all of the above benefits aside, tap dance is just lots of fun. If you have a great teacher and your tap shoes, you can have lots of fun learning to move your body in a new way and make lots of great friends in the process.


Miss Dani x

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