Can you believe it’s 2018? We can’t wait to get back in the studio with all of our dancers for Term 1. With a new year of dance on the horizon, now is a great time to set goals for the year ahead.

Here are five New Year resolutions for dancers that will translate to life outside of the studio, as well:

1. Increase Strength

In order to build great technique, every dancer must also build strength. Make it a point this year to put in extra time at home for abdominal work or resistance work with a theraband! Even 10 minutes a day can do wonders for young dancers who are looking to make big improvements this year.

Not a dancer? 2018 can still be a great strength-building year for you! Resolve to strengthen your dedication to whatever good habits bring you happiness, whether that be exercise, reading, or taking time to relax.

2. Practice Flexibility

In 2018, we would love to see all of our dancers resolve to increase their flexibility! Whether that means coming to the studio a bit early to stretch before class or committing to a nighttime stretch ritual, use this year to elasticize your body. You’ll love what that can do for your dancing.

Even if you’re not a dancer, flexibility is a great thing to practice in 2018. Life can be unpredictable, and learning to roll with the punches can only help bring ease and peace to your life.

3. Value Balance

We know that in today’s competition landscape, a lot of importance is put on high-flying tricks and complicated turn sequences. But we often forget that the first step to mastering those moves is developing control and balance. In your dance practice this year, make it a goal to connect to your core and focus on finding your center. This emphasis on balance will take you to new heights in your training.

Even outside of the studio, we wish everyone the opportunity to find balance in their lives this year! Although it might seem like there are never enough hours in the day, resolve to find the time for the things that matter most to you.

4. Prioritise Health

It is crucial for training dancers to take care of their bodies. Treat your body well in 2018! Give it the nutrition, water, and rest it needs, and you will feel ready to tackle all of your goals this year. The same goes for any injuries you might come across this year. When you feel sore or tight, listen to your body and resist the urge to push through the pain. Taking a couple days of in the short term is better than needing months of physical therapy later in the year!

Every year is a great year to prioritize your health, even if you aren’t a dancer. Make it a goal to sleep an extra hour per night or drink an extra glass of water each day. You deserve to feel great in 2018!

5. Breathe

So many dancers are so focused on being “perfect” that they dance with their shoulders lifted, neck tight, and breath strained. As you go through your dance training this year, always remember to breathe! As you learn to let go and let your breath do the work, you’ll be able to achieve longer lines, smoother transitions, and softer landings.

Even non-dancers can benefit from focusing on their breath in 2018. If you ever find yourself feeling stressed or rushed, close your eyes and take a long, deep breath. This is your year!

Happy New Year! We look forward to seeing everyone soon. Xx

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