At BoPPA, one of our core studio values is CONFIDENCE! That means that we aim to develop a confidence in our dancers that is transferable to all areas of their lives. Finding and exuding a high level of confidence is more challenging for some dancers than others, but we hope to help each and every young dancer find their voice and feel proud to show it to the world.

Here are our top tips to build confidence as a dancer:

Love Your Mistakes

Once you learn to view mistakes as learning experiences instead of faults, you’ll be able to take control of your improvement as a dancer. Fear of messing up is one of the greatest obstacles to dancing confidently, so learn to let that go!

Ask For Feedback

As you continue your dance journey, you’ll need to be comfortable asking for and receiving constructive criticism along the way. Find a teacher you trust, and ask them to give you some honest feedback about your recent improvements and realistic goals for your future training.

Watch Your Idols

One of the greatest things you can do for yourself as a dancer is to watch other dancers! Who do you idolise as a dancer? What do they do in their performance that inspires you so much, and how can you bring that to your own dancing? Give it a try next time you’re in the studio.

Make It Your Own

When you learn an exercise, combination, or routine that feels awkward or uncomfortable, don’t let that shake your confidence. Instead, find a way to make the choreography your own! Make dynamic choices that feel true to who you are as a dancer and be confident in your own voice. Chances are, the dance will look better and more confident once you’ve embodied it more fully.

Tell A Story

If you’re still having trouble finding your confidence in a certain piece of choreography, go back to the beginning. What are you dancing about? What character are you portraying? By relating back to what the choreography is trying to say, you might find a new connection that helps you perform confidently!


Another great way to help yourself develop a strong confidence in your own dancing is to improvise as much as you can. In this way, you’ll discover new things about your dancing, challenge yourself to try new things, and get over the fear of the unknown. Film yourself improvising and watch yourself later. What are the things you do best? Be confident in those skills!

Learn more about the benefits of dance improvisation here!

Perform… Full Out With Feeling

At the end of the day, the only way we can become truly confident as dancers is to put ourselves out there time and time again. Take every opportunity to perform, and go full out every single time! The more you’re on stage, the more comfortable you’ll be on stage. So get out there!

We want to help you build your confidence this year. Enrol today to begin your dance journey with BoPPA!