It’s the first day of Term 1! All of Team BoPPA is thrilled to get 2018 underway, to meet our new students, and to reunite with our returning students.

For the new dancers and dance parents out there, here are 5 things to bring with you to your first BoPPA dance class:

Parent or Guardian

We would love to see a parent or guardian come into the studio to pick up each new or trialling dancer after his or her first class! Not only does this allow us the chance to meet all our new BoPPA family members, but it will give your new dance teacher the opportunity to share any information you might need to know, such as recommendations for a more appropriate class level for your dancer or anything the teacher might require for the class.

Uniform/ Appropriate Dress

We love to see our BoPPA dancers in their full uniform for every class! It always makes our students look professional and prepared. However, it is completely understandable if you are not able to get your student a uniform in time for their very first class with us.

If you do not have your uniform yet, don’t worry! Just make sure that your dancer is wearing, form-fitting, stretchy clothes that he or she feels comfortable in.

Dance Shoes

One of the most important tools for a dancer is their shoes. We want to make sure that all of our BoPPA students are prepared with the shoes they need to be successful in class. This includes tap shoes for all Tap classes, ballet shoes for Ballet classes, jazz shoes for Jazz and Musical Theatre classes, and sneakers for Hip Hop classes. Lyrical, Contemporary, and Acro classes will be taken barefoot.

Again, if you don’t have shoes for the very first class, it is not a deal breaker! Every dancer is welcome to take class with bare feet.

Water Bottle

Dancing is tough, and and we love to see all of our dancers working hard and getting sweaty! This is why we ask that all of our dancers bring a bottle of water to the studio with them. We will often give quick water breaks during class, and it is a big time saver if no one has to leave the room to stand in line at the water fountain.


Even if you come to your very first class with none of the things on this list, you will still have a great time, as long as you bring your excitement and enthusiasm. Keep an open mind and remember: Everyone starts somewhere! BoPPA is where your dance journey begins, and we can’t wait to help you get started.

Uh oh! Did you forget to enrol your student for Term 1? There’s still time!

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