Looking around at dance competitions and workshops, it’s easy to see that young dancers are training at a higher level than ever before. There is a lot of pressure for parents to help their dancers rise to the competition in their age group and get ahead of the curve. There might be some misunderstanding that the only way to get to that level is through more money spent, more time in the studio, more private lessons, more new solos, more extravagant costumes… However, there might just be a better, less exhausting way to get there.

The key to achieving a manageable, affordable, and fulfilling dance training is to strike a balance and create a well-rounded experience for our young dancers.

This blog from Dance Advantage explores this topic in detail and with a lot of great insight. Check it out, and see if you agree with the Exposure/Experience/Training model outlined in the article.

The Truth About Well-Rounded Dancers

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