Bay of Plenty Performing Arts is where your dance journey begins. We have dancers as young as 18 months join us at BoPPA each week for our babyballet® classes in Mount Maunganui, Papamoa, and The Lakes. 

In our 30 minute babyballet® Tinies, Movers, and Tappers classes, our little stars learn the Ballet and Tap basics, and so much more. They’re learning valuable skills that will help them develop into confident, caring young people. 

Here are six of the skills we’re developing in our babyballet® dancers: 

1. Coordination/Balance

In class, our littlest dancers develop their coordination and balancing skills, eventually learning to stand on one leg, jump, skip, and more.

2. Self-Control/Discipline

For 30 minutes, the children are encouraged to stay focused on their teacher. This builds listening skills, attention span, and focus. 

3. Posture/Poise

By learning the Ballet basics, young dancers enhance their posture and learn to move gracefully. 

4. Imagination/Fun

By incorporating characters like Twinkle Bear and Teddy Bear into the class, babyballet® encourages young dancers to use their imaginations and have fun while dancing. 

5. Rhythm/Musicality

With fun movements like hand claps and marches, babyballet® dancers learn to find a beat and dance to the rhythm of the music. 

6. Socialising/Making Friends

Most importantly, babyballet® classes give young dancers a safe place to meet new friends and share in a creative experience. 

--Team BoPPA xx

Ready to come give it a try with your little dancer? Your first three classes are only $15! Contact us today to enrol. 

Or, come by the Little Big Markets this Saturday, May 19 to meet Twinkle Bear, Teddy Bear, and our BoPPA team. :)