As much as we would love to see every young dancer grow up to become a professional performer, we know that isn’t always the case. Many dancers have other interests, passions, and pursuits that they will follow long after they have done their last dance competition or concert

Luckily, there are many things about a dancer’s training that will always be with them, no matter where their professional endeavours take them. These good habits that we build in our young dancers at the dance studio grow to be a part of who they are and how they carry themselves in a professional setting. 

Here are some of the qualities that dancers possess that make them excellent employees in any field: 

Arrive Early

Dancers are punctual. In dance, arriving on time is arriving late, and we carry that mentality with us everywhere we go. 

Come Prepared

Dancers are always prepared. We stuff our dance bags with anything we could possibly need, from 10 dance shoes, to bobby pins, to snacks. We know the value of thinking ahead and planning for the inevitable. 

Stay Flexible

Dancers are flexible in more ways than one. After years of having to re-position dances when another dancer is sick or having to finish a dance without music after an unfortunate technological mishap, we know how to roll with the punches. 

Accept Feedback

Dancers love to get feedback, both positive and constructive. We are trained to accept corrections and apply them right away. 

Say Thank You 

Dancers are appreciative. After years of thanking our teachers at the end of dance class, we know how important it is to show others our genuine appreciate for their help and guidance. 

Embrace Challenges 

Dancers love a good challenge. As soon as we land our first, clean double pirouette, we’re already thinking about how to execute a triple. When we see a dancer do something that seems impossible, we’re in the studio trying it the next day. 

Encourage Creativity

Above all, dancers learn to be creative and to see the creativity in others. Dancers learn to use their creative voice and to share creative experiences with other individuals. 

--Team BoPPA xx 

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