Just like dancing, breathing is a natural part of human life. However, in dance training, we often forget the importance of keeping a steady, natural breath.

When dancers learn to master their breath, they see huge benefits to their dance training and performance. Here are a few ways that breathing properly will improve your dancing:


Gaining control of the breath will allow dancers to dance more fully and for longer periods of time. As you get tired in class or on stage, take care to maintain even inhales and exhales. This will give your body the chance to keep up and stay cool. 

Abdominal Engagement

Breathing from the diaphragm, as opposed to expanding the lungs and chest, will allow dancers to keep their rib cage aligned over the hips and their abdominals engaged. When done properly, each exhales gives the chance for increased abdominal engagement. 


A dancer can use the rhythm and dynamics of their breath to match the music he or she is performing to. For example, when the music swells, the dancer might take a deep inhale. This will make it easier to ensure that the movement of the dance is perfectly paired to the music, as well.


A strong inhale at the top of a jump creates the illusion of increased hang time in the air. Mastering the breath will help you reach new heights in your jumps.

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One of the most important elements to any dance is the performance and feeling behind it. One way to connect to your character is to use your breathing to do so. Are you meant to portray sadness? You can use a heavy breath and long exhales to connect to the emotion. Is there a moment of surprise in your dance? Experiment with a sharp inhale and hold it, to give the sensation of shock.

Experiment with your breathing in class and in rehearsal this week, dancers!

Xx Team BoPPA