Finding the right preschool dance class can be tough? and don't we know it. Miss Dani searched high and low almost two years ago now, for a structured programme that would help develop our youngest dancers dance technique in a fun and engaging manner.  She discovered babyballet®,  an award-winning preschool dance programme created by Claire and Barbara in the UK. babyballet® is not only award-winning it is trusted worldwide with over 100 franchised and licensed schools teaching over 20,000 children every week in the UK, Australia and New Zealand.

In our 30-minute babyballet® Tinies, Movers, and Tappers classes, your babyballet® star learns not only the foundation techniques for ballet and tap, they’re also learning valuable life skills that will help them to develop into confident, caring young people. 

Here are six of the skills your babyballet® star develops in class: 


In class, our babyballet® stars develop their coordination and balancing skills, eventually learning to stand on one leg, jump, hop and skip.


Our babyballet® stars are encouraged to stay on their spots and focused on their teacher. This develops their listening skills, increases their attention span, and ability to focus on a task. 


By learning the Ballet basics, babyballet® stars enhance their posture and learn to move gracefully. 


By incorporating babyballet® characters such as Twinkle Bear, Teddy Bear and Flutterstar the Fairy into the class stories and activities, babyballet® stars are encouraged to use their imaginations while dancing. 


With fun movements like hand claps and marches, babyballet® stars learn to find a beat and dance to the rhythm of the music. 


Most importantly, babyballet® classes are a safe place for our babyballet® stars to meet new friends and for their parents to meet like-minded people too.

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