This is the number #1 question we get asked from parents and / or the students normally 11yrs upwards! The answer - see below…

  1. What is the goal? What are the performers dreams? This will be a big determiner when answering this big question. The number of classes a child takes is going to differ from the child who comes to socialise with others to the child who dreams of being on broadway.

  2. What are the performers interests? Are they interested in Jazz and ballet or Musical Theatre. Do they solely want to pursue a career in ballet? This will determine whether maybe multiple ballet classes are a better fit and the odd workshop or whether they should be taking classes in multiple genres across the week.

  3. How ready are they? We use the word ready as one 3 year old may be able to cope with 2x classes per week when another may still be working on 30mins consistent focus. The word ready also implies that they know what they’re getting themselves into, for example they don’t just want to join tap for the shoes or ballet to wear a tutu but instead know what a class involves and are ready to put in the hard work.

  4. But what about time for homework? Another question that always comes up during this conversation. There is a tendency for students to cut back their classes when they reach college due to the workload, however I believe in the opposite particularly if the student wants to pursue a career in the arts. I know personally, that from my experience at college and my dance hours that I was forced to learn to work productively. I learned that I only had 30 minutes here or 1 hour there to get work done and I did it, I got my work in on time and I got Excellences PLUS a scholarship to university! While at university my peers were shocked at how I managed to get assignments done early with my performance hours outside of uni - my response I had no choice! So, it is possible and great learning but the student has to be willing to put the work in.

  5. What is the cost? This one is a personal question. Yes more classes cost more (unless capped) and as a parent you need to weigh up 1. your budget and 2. think back to question 1, what is the goal. As a studio we offer payment plans to help out but at the end of the day family budget and the goal need to come into the cost equation.

Above are just a few scenarios to help you answer that BIG question! We are always here to help, chat on the phone and discuss and map out different scenarios for your performer.

Miss Dani x