It’s true, these days we live in a world surrounded by technology! We carry our mobile phones with us every where, in the studio we have laptops and bluetooth speakers, we’re busy instagramming our lives and kids are obsessed with games like Fortnite.

So, how can we use technology to support our dance training? Here are Miss Dani’s top 5 tips…

Slow Motion

I love using the slow motion video feature on iPhone to support student learning. It is a great way for individuals to check their placement and actually see why they might be struggling with a movement. It is also a great way for teams to see where they are not in unison and why it is so important to be hitting their movements at the correct time.


I love Movitae and we’ve even written an entire blog post on it previously (check it out here<<). But if you want the main points Movitae is great for at home dance practice. Your studio needs to sign up and then you can create an account and join your classes to practice at home. You can slow down and speed up the videos on your desktop, let your teacher’s know you’ve practiced, ask them questions and so much more.

Ballet Lite

A FREE app that provides explanations, photos, and pronunciation notes for all of your ballet terminology. Great for all level of ballerinas, especially in that exam theory lead up!


Anyone else love Siri on the iPhone? My go to question is ‘Siri, what is this song called?’. Great for compiling your list of future choreography ideas or even in class to find out what the music is you’re dancing too. If you don’t have an iPhone try Shazam another great app.


I’m pretty sure everyone loves this one already! I love Spotify for finding new music and creating playlists to share with my team. Use Spotify to compile your exam and performance music playlists, create that playlist of Siri/Shazamed songs OR create an improv playlist and practice your improvisation skills at home.

What is your favourite technology? Share with us in the comments…

Miss Dani x