A dancer essential - pointed feet! Do you ever see those feet that just seem to bend forever and wish yours were like that? Does your teacher tell you often to ‘point your feet’. Well then this is the blog for you. Keep reading for our Top 3 Tips to improving your feet.

Theraband Work

Daily footwork using your theraband is great for improving your feet. While watching tv, get your theraband out and start pointing and flexing with that added resistance. Wrap the theraband around your toes and slowly point your feet making sure you’re really thinking about the articulation of your foot. Slowly return to a flexed position making sure you don’t let the band snap your foot back into a flex.


Sometimes a restricted pointe is actually due to tightness in the calf muscle or achilles tendon.

Use a lacrosse ball to roll out the arches of your feet, when you find a tight spot hold, breathe and let it release. Rises with your heel dipping off a ledge (like a stair) helps to strengthen but also stretch the calf muscles. A foam roller on the calf muscle also helps to release this area.

Consciously Pointing

When ever you are dancing consciously think about pointing your toes. In warm up, at the barre, every kick, every turn, every rehearsal, every performance.

These 3 tips are super easy to implement. Give it a go over summer and apply point (no pun intended) 3 when when you’re practicing and in your next lesson.

Team BoPPA x