I've spent the past 2 days sitting in Sir Howard Morrison Performing Arts Centre in Rotorua watching so many talented dancers dance their hearts out on the stage. Today while sitting and watching the impromptu lyrical sections, I got thinking and wondered...do our dancers really know what the adjudicator is looking for?

Now, every adjudicator is different so I can't share what their thoughts are but I can share what I look for when adjudicating an impromptu section. Below are a few tips and things to think about during impromptus...

Strong Entrance - whether you're walking on stage to a starting position or entering with the music, first impressions count. This applies to all of your other dances too.

Musicality - rather than planning your next move in your head, try to bring your attention to and feel the music. I would rather see a dancer truly feeling the piece of music than putting together a sequence of their best moves.

Technique - be sure to use movements you know you can execute well. In saying that, in a contemporary or lyrical improvisation I like to see the dancers experimenting with unique movement, how can you get from point A to point B with out using any named movements?

Expression - remember to use your face. Try to use natural expressions and make sure they match the style of dance you're performing, you want to be sincere in your performance.

Angles - when executing kicks, tilts, leg holds, split rolls think about using flattering angles and creating nice leg lines.

Transitions - this is probably one for the slightly older dancer, but our juniors can start to think about this too. Try connecting sequences of movement through interesting transitions. How can you move from one side of the stage to the other without running or skipping?

My biggest tip of all - practice! Use the radio at the home, click the search button and whatever song comes on your have to dance too. Ask your teacher if you can do improv. in your class or private lessons. Get Mum, Dad, Brother, Sister to choose you a piece of music to dance to. Remember hard work pays off and the more you practice the more confident you will become at improvisation.

Miss Dani x