With one more sleep until 2019 we thought it would be a great time to help you out with your 2019 New Year’s Resolutions.

Here are five New Year’s resolution ideas for dancers:


Every dancer needs to focus on strength work on top of their regular technique work. Set a goal this year to put in extra time at home on strength work! Even 10 minutes a day can make a big improvement to your this year. Be sure to do a little bit of core strength work and some kind of resistance training.


Set a goal to increase your flexibility in 2019! Whether this means coming to the studio a bit early to stretch before class or committing to a night stretch routine. Just be sure you’re stretching with correct technique! You’ll love what that can do for your dancing.


Prioritise technique in 2019. Maybe your a jazz, tap or acro student - make it your goal to add a ballet class in 2019. Ballet is the foundation of many dance styles and its a a great compliment to your preferred dance style. We’re not saying you need to love it but commit to attending 1x ballet class per week in 2019 and you’ll be amazed at hour quickly your other styles improve too. Already do ballet? Commit to an extension class and progress your ballet faster in 2019!


Commit to improving your grooming in dance class in 2019. Grooming is an important aspect of dance and when you turn up in the correct attire you’re actually showing your teacher respect and that you’re ready to learn. So set a goal this year to always wear your tights to ballet, your hair in a bun and the correct dance uniform.


As important as it is for you to be in class it is also important or training dancers to take care of their bodies. Fuel your body with nutritious food, lots of water, and rest when your body tells you it needs. Listen to your body and resist the urge to push through the pain. Taking a couple days of in the short term is better than needing months off later in the year!

Happy New Year! We look forward to seeing everyone soon. Xx

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