Well, its that time of year when dance is starting to wind down. We’re all having our end of year concerts/recitals, exams are over and classes are starting to wrap up. Most people will be setting their 2019 goals on new years but as dancers now is great time to get thinking about what goals you want to achieve over summer, ready for the 2019 dance season. Here are Miss Dani’s top 5 tips for smashing your summer dance goals.

  1. Brain Dump

    Grab your dance journal and write down everything you can think of that you want to achieve in your dance training. No limits, don’t tell yourself it’s not possible so I won’t write it down - get it on paper.

  2. Create Your Goals

    Pick your top 3 things from your brain dump and turn them into goals. Remember all of that school goal setting applies - keep em SMART! You must have a timeline, for example by the 31st January 2019 I will be able to… And they must be specific and measurable for example … do a triple pirouette to the right instead of I want to be able to do more pirouettes. This step might takes some time but it is well worth it! If you need some help, share them with us and we’d be a happy to check them.

  3. Vision Board

    I’m all about a good vision board. Now that you’ve written your goals, its time to make them pretty. Print them out or cut letters out of magazine and stick them on a board. Then search the internet for photos of dancers completing the things you want to achieve. On my vision board I also have the date I want to achieve my goals by in big lettering as well as some inspirational quotes for a little bit of motivation. Once you’ve finished your board, display it somewhere you will see it every single day.

  4. Timetable

    Now, its time to timetable your goals over summer. Maybe one of your goals requires multiple steps e.g. you need to achieve a double turn before you can go for your triple. Create baby deadlines to achieve these smaller steps. Next, timetable a little bit of time each day to work on your goals. We get you’re busy so some days you’ll have more time that others and thats ok, just schedule what you can each day. Remember this needs to be visual, you have to write it down in advance, either print a calendar and put it on the fridge or next to your vision board or use a diary.

  5. No Excuses!

    Tell everyone! Share your goals with people, get them to hold you accountable. Take a before video and then take another video each week to see your progress - share these! And even when you’re tired or would rather go to the beach, stick to your timetable.

    You got this!!!

    Miss Dani x