I've been learning a lot over the past year, challenging myself, pushing boundaries and one thing I've noticed is that to grow and strive for your dreams requires taking risks, stepping outside your comfort zone, that feeling like you're going to throw up. But then, you get through it and it all turns out fine, you've achieved your goal or moved forward and that feeling is forgotten until the next challenge comes along.

I came across an excellent read on the Dance Advantage website about Cultivating and Keeping a Winning Mindset. Now, I know on seeing that winning word your thoughts go straight to competitions but I want you to open your mind and look at winning as achieving a goal, how about winning at life? The article focuses on strategies to achieve a winning mindset in relation to dance, however the strategies can be applied to whatever your goals or dreams might be.

Head on over to the Dance Advantage website to see what Grier Cooper has to say and then let me know what you think in the comments below...


Miss Dani x